College Athletes Rights and Empowerment Faculty Coalition (CARE-FC) is a national coalition of faculty concerned with the academic and economic mistreatment of college athletes in the profit sports of football and basketball. The mission of CARE-FC is to support college athletes in their quest to fundamentally change the existing college sport industry by recognizing they are employees who deserve protections afforded such status.

CARE-FC asserts the path to the transformation of college sport rests with the athletes themselves, and that the athletes have the capacity to lead the enterprise into the 21st century in a way that is stronger and more viable than ever. Such a model would be absent the hypocrisies unworthy of the higher educational institutions that serve as the promoters and sponsors of the multi-billion dollar college sport entertainment industry in which profit-athletes work.

CARE-FC will work with college football and basketball players who seek relief from the fraudulent business practices used by college sport organizations, which rob them of basic civil rights to be compensated for their labor, work in a safe environment, be protected when injuries beset them as a result of the work they do, and be treated with human dignity.

CARE-FC is targeting its efforts in four areas:

  • Developing relationships with the National College Players Association, the College Athlete Players Association, player unions and associations and other like-minded entities, and concerned faculty;
  • Educating public policy makers and legislators about the realities of exploitative practices of the current college sport industry;
  • Creating awareness around the disproportionate negative impact that college sport business practices have on college athletes in the racial minority; and,
  • Opposing efforts which seek to allow college sport entities to be “reformed” in ways that do not result in justice and fairness for athletes whose labor generates revenue for their institutions, the NCAA, conferences, and the corporations that invest in college sport.