The Signatories

The Signatories

Institutional affiliations of signatories are provided for identification purposes only.

  1. Ellen J. Staurowsky, Ed.D., Professor, Sport Management, Drexel University (CARE-FC co-founder)
  2. Richard Southall, Ed.D., Associate Professor & Director, College Sport Research Institute, U. of South Carolina (CARE-FC co-founder)
  3. Robin Ammon, Ph.D., Coordinator, Sport Management, University of South Dakota
  4. David Berri, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, Southern Utah University
  5. Ron Bishop, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Communication, Drexel University
  6. Kevin Blackistone, Visiting Professor, Journalism, University of Maryland
  7. Harry Cleaver, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Emeritus), Economics, University of Texas-Austin
  8. Santiago (Yago) Colas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Comparative Literature and Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, University of Michigan
  9. Altha Cravey, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Geography, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  10. Todd Crosset, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sport Management, University of Massachusetts
  11. Woody Eckard, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, Director-Professional MBA Program, University of Colorado at Denver
  12. John Fizel, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, The Pennsylvania State University – Erie
  13. Brad Humphreys, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, West Virginia University
  14. Brian Gearity, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of M.A in Sport Coaching, University of Denver
  15. Paul Gift, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Economics, Pepperdine University
  16. Jill Harris, Ph.D., Lecturer, Economics, Pomona College
  17. Algerian Hart, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator, Sport Management, Western Illinois University
  18. Angela J. Hattery, Ph.D., Professor & Director Women and Gender Studies, George Mason University
  19. Billy Hawkins, Ph.D., Professor, Sport Management, University of Georgia
  20. Alan Hyde, J. D., Distinguished Professor of Law and Sidney Reitman Scholar, School of Law, Rutgers University (Newark)
  21. Richard Karcher, J.D., Assistant Professor, Sport Management, Eastern Michigan University
  22. Yvonne Kelly, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Flagler College
  23. Jordan Kobritz, J.D., C.P.A., Professor, Sport Law and Sport Management, SUNY Cortland
  24. Jason Lanter, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychology, Kutztown University
  25. Daniel E. Lazaroff, Professor of Law and Leonard Cohen Chair in Law and Economics, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
  26. Michael Leeds, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, Temple University
  27. Daniel Marburger, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, Economics, Arizona State University
  28. Joel Maxcy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sport Management, Drexel University
  29. Amy Christian McCormick, J.D., Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University College of Law
  30. Robert A. McCormick, J.D., Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University College of Law
  31. Erik McDuffie, Ph.D., Associate Professor, African Studies, History, & Center for African Studies, University of Illinois
  32. Todd McFall, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics, Wake Forest University
  33. Alex M. Mobley, Ph.D., Visiting Lecturer, College of Media and Cinema Studies, University of Illinois
  34. Mark Nagel, Ed.D., Professor, Sport Management, University of South Carolina
  35. Joshua I. Newmann, Ph.D., Associate Prof. & Director of Ph.D. Studies, Sport Management, Florida State University
  36. Kadence Otto, Ph.D., Professor, Business Management & Law and Sport Management, Western Carolina University
  37. James Peach, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, New Mexico State University
  38. Demetrius W. Pearson, Ed.D., Associate Professor, SFAP, University of Houston
  39. Joshua Pitts, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sport Economics, Kennesaw State University
  40. Fritz Polite, Ph.D., Program Director & Assistant Professor, Sport Management, Shenandoah University
  41. Brenda Riemer, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Chair, Sport Management, Eastern Michigan University
  42. James Satterfield, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Eugene T. Moore School of Education, Clemson University
  43. Peter Schroeder, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sport Management, University of the Pacific
  44. John Singer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sport Management, Texas A & M University
  45. Earl Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology & Director, American Ethnic Studies, Emeritus, Wake Forest University
  46. Jay Smith, Ph.D., Professor, History, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  47. Crystal Southall, Ph.D., Lecturer, Exercise & Sport Science, Western State Colorado University
  48. Deborah Joy Southall, M.A., Lecturer, Exercise & Sport Science, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  49. Carlos A. Thomas, Associate Professor, Information Systems & Decision Science, Southern University and A&M College
  50. Robert Turner, Ph.D., Research Associate, African American Studies Department, University of Maryland
  51. Steve Walters, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, Loyola University, Maryland
  52. Nicholas Watanabe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sport Management, University of Missouri
  53. Martha Althea Webber, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics, California State University-Fullerton
  54. Jonathan Weiler, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  55. Jonathan Wilner, Ph.D., Professor, Economics, Oklahoma City University
  56. Jenny Lind Withycombe, Ph.D., Instructor, Department of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder
  57. Zenon Zygmont, Ph.D., Professor, Business and Economics, Western Oregon University

The Signatories

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Robin Ammon: 42.785175-96.925307
David Berri: 37.677140-113.067166
Ron Bishop: 39.956613-75.189944
Kevin Blackistone: 38.986918-76.942554
Harry Cleaver: 30.284918-97.734057
Santiago (Yago) Colas: 42.278044-83.738224
Altha Cravey: 35.904912-79.046913
Todd Crosset: 42.391157-72.526712
Woody Eckard: 39.743501-105.004231
Algerian Hart: 40.470132-90.683905
Angela J. Hattery: 38.832194-77.308037
Billy Hawkins: 33.948005-83.377322
Richard Karcher: 42.250551-83.624690
Jason Lanter: 40.510817-75.783623
Daniel E. Lazaroff: 34.049010-118.271191
Joel Maxcy: 39.956613-75.189944
Amy Christian McCormick: 42.725714-84.473542
Robert A. McCormick: 42.725714-84.473542
Mark Nagel: 33.996112-81.027428
Kadence Otto: 35.309396-83.184564
Demetrius W. Pearson: 29.719949-95.342233
Brenda Riemer: 42.250551-83.624690
Peter Schroeder: 37.980469-121.310110
Earl Smith: 36.129842-80.281450